Welcome to Ozbreed's international website. To find out about our plants and turf please follow the link to your country. Their you will find the latest on Ozbreed strappy leaf plants, grasses, and in some countries, new tree and shrub varieties, as well as turf.

Ozbreed is an international plant and turf breeding company. We specialise in Drought tolerant, and low maintenance plants and turf. In today's busy world, people and authorities do not have time or money to maintain high input landscapes. Ozbreed's plants and turf address this situation, providing the home owner, and the commercial landscape contractor plants and turf that require very minimal care. From it's tough Lomandra, and Dianella varieties, to it new Liriope, Ozbreed plants are tough and beautiful. Ozbreed's Zoysia and Stenotaphrum turf varieties are bred for low input, and first class aesthetics.

Enjoy searching our websites.